Background Investigations

Are you in the process of hiring  a new employee, a babysitter for your children, or a renter for a property and need to be sure that individual comes with a sterling record?


Are you involved in a relationship with someone and believe they are not being honest with you?


Is your ex-spouse now dating someone that is around your children?

No matter the question you have, T.J. Ward & Associates' Background Investigations will provide you with peace of mind knowing you're making an informed and responsible decision.

Our investigators will listen to your story and recommend an investigative strategy based both on your specific needs as well as our past experience. When applicable, we will work hand in hand with your attorney to ensure you're fully prepared for any upcoming litigation.

Our investigators will also be available to testify in your case if necessary.



When it comes to a critical decisions or actions, make sure your background investigation is high quality.

At T.J. Ward & Associates, we provide the most comprehensive background investigations in the industry. Our team has established extremely close working relationships and strategic partnerships which can be used to provide the relevant, detailed insight into the parties involved. Our reports will provide actionable intelligence and enable you to both understand & anticipate potential risks and problems while avoiding damage to your finances, family or reputation.

Local national or international, we have you covered.

Background Investigations can include:

  • Address History

  • Alias/Name Search

  • Civil/Litigation History

  • Criminal Records both State & National

  • Drug Screening

  • DUI Records

  • Education Verification*

  • Employment Verification*

  • Eviction Records

  • FBI Most Wanted LIst

  • Interviews

  • License Verification

  • Lien History

  • Media Searches

  • Motor Vehicle Records*

  • Registered Sex Offenders

  • SSN Verification

  • Tenant Background Checks

  • UCC Filings

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