Civil Investigations

What do you do when the person that hit your car won’t pay for it? What about when you find out someone isn’t taking good care of a relative of yours? When people are negligent or accidentally cause harm, you need to start a civil investigation to get things straight. People file civil lawsuits for a variety of different reasons, and each needs it’s own investigation. A case involving a personal injury investigation from a reckless driver for instance. That can cause physical injuries and cost you thousands of dollars. Or falling off a ladder at work could injure your back, resulting in you needing a workers compensation investigation. Even when it comes to personal matters like child custody investigations, you need to know all the facts.

No matter what your specific need may be, it pays to have the experience and capabilities of the team at T.J. Ward & Associates on your side. 

Our investigators will listen to your story and recommend an investigative strategy based both on your specific needs as well as our past experience. When applicable, we will work hand in hand with your attorney to ensure you fully prepared for any upcoming litigation.

Our investigators will also be available to testify in your case if necessary.


Local national or international, we have you covered.

"What is right will always eventually triumph."         

                  -Ronald Reagan