Criminal Investigations

Largely influenced by movies and TV shows, there is a widespread misconception that private investigators get in the way of the authorities and solve crimes on their own by breaking laws. The truth, however, is that private investigators are valuable assets in criminal investigations and often work with the police and other law enforcement agencies when the situation calls for it.

You might even find instances where the police force becomes the client of a private investigator. This is because the police may have some of their actions restricted, as officers and enforcers of the law, that a PI, as a private individual, may not be limited by.

Without sufficient evidence to build and support a case, law enforcement can’t step in and take the reins of the investigation. With the help of a good private investigator, enough evidence can be obtained and handed over to the police, so that the latter can take over, pursue the case, and make an arrest.

Private investigators also have resources that may not be as accessible to law enforcement, such as their own previous case files and personal contacts. If need be, a private investigator can even go undercover to collect evidence that may otherwise be unreachable for police officers.

Private investigators may also have certain fields of expertise that the police may need. For example, if the investigation involves intellectual property theft, private investigators are most likely more informed about patents and trademarks compared to police detectives.


There are some people who have reservations talking to authority figures, especially law enforcement, sometimes out of fear that they would get in trouble, sometimes out of distrust. This makes a private investigator more effective in locating and talking to witnesses and other persons involved in the investigation. It is this reason that PIs may also be able to more effectively serve warrants, subpoenas, and other documents.

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