Criminal Defense Investigations

When someone is charged with a crime that they did not commit, it is imperative to begin a criminal defense investigation as soon as possible so as to protect that person’s rights, and to find and preserve critical evidence before it is too late.

When you are charged with a crime, the law presumes that you are innocent until proven guilty. But the prosecutors will do whatever is necessary to prove it. The government will work side-by-side with the local law enforcement officials to use every available resource to get a conviction, and sometimes their aggressive approach results in an innocent person being wrongfully charged and convicted. 

Private investigators serve a critical role in a criminal defense investigation. Every defense attorney needs support as they put together a case to establish reasonable doubt and get an acquittal for their client. The aggressive, capable private investigators at T.J Ward & Associates have extensive experience working on criminal defense investigations, gathering evidence and securing witnesses for attorneys. Our team has worked on both state and federal criminal defense investigations in a vast amount of cases including of fraud, robbery, embezzlement, and murder.

Whether you have just been arrested, you are a suspect in an ongoing investigation, or you have been wrongfully charged with a crime, it is imperative to begin a criminal defense investigation as soon as possible.

We will conduct a thorough investigation into your case, re-analyzing all of the evidence and interviewing all of the original witnesses. We will look for new leads to track down and new witnesses to bring forward. All of the evidence that we present will be admissible in court. Do not let the injustice of a wrongful accusation go on any longer than it has to: 

  • Related Services for Criminal Defense Investigations include:

    • Surveillance

    • Background Check and Investigation

    • Undercover and Covert Investigation

    • Examining the police investigation against you to ensure that it was legal, accurate, thorough, and fair

    • Re-interviewing witnesses in the case to determine inconsistencies in stories

      • Interview using the right questions and strategies to get the best results

      • Vet their credibility

      • Conduct official, legal, and unbiased interviews that are properly recorded and documented so as to be admissible in court

    • Chase down new leads along with leads that may have been ignored by police in the initial investigation

      • Finding new witnesses is often the key to breaking open the case

    • Computer and Physical Evidence Forensic Services

"What is right will always eventually triumph."         

                  -Ronald Reagan