Truth Detection

T.J. Ward and associates is the only firm in the country which has been licensed and certified by Nemesysco in the operation of their proprietary Layered Voice Analysis technology, (LVA)


LVA 6.50 is a professional investigation focus tool using Nemesysco’s proprietary Layered Voice Analysis technology. It is capable of detecting and measuring many different psychophysiological reactions that are indicative of changes in the tested party's perception, alerting the trained operator to follow its indication and leads.


Nemesysco’s layered voice analysis is a new and proprietary technology and has no relations to the old “Voice Stress Analysis” (or VSA) technologies, nor does it use any previously known method for detecting “voice stress”. As such, LVA does not perform “micro tremors” (8-14 Hz) analysis in the voice, and can be used over telephone lines and with standard commercially available microphones.

In its essence, LVA technology enables better understanding of your suspect’s mental state and emotional makeup at a given moment by detecting the emotional cues in his or her speech. The technology identifies various types of stress levels, cognitive processes, and emotional reactions that are reflected in different properties of the voice. This information provides insights into the way the subject thinks, what troubles him, what excites him, what portions of his speech he is uncertain about, what questions require more of his attention, and what areas appear to be sensitive issues for the speaker.

What it uses:

The human speaking process is one of the most complicated procedures the human body performs due to the number of muscles and physical apparatus involved, and the ways in which they need to be synchronized.

When a person speaks, air is pushed upward from the lungs into the vocal cords. Consequently, the vocal cords vibrate at a specific frequency and produce sound. The air continues to flow up toward the mouth where it is manipulated by the tongue, teeth and lips to produce sound streams that we recognize as words or phrases. 

The brain plays a leading role in orchestrating the entire process and monitoring what is said to ensure that the sound you emit is what your brain intended, is at the right volume to be heard by the intended listener, and is further accepted by the listener in the manner you intended it to be received.

How It Works:

LVA properties ignore the content of what your subject is saying and the language being used, and instead focus on the patterns and abnormalities in the speech flow.

LVA uses a unique mathematical process to detect different types of patterns and abnormalities in the speech flow and classify them in terms of stress, excitement, confusion and other relevant emotional states, found through our research to be highly correlated with these emotions.

LVA technology further enables the user to explore several levels of emotional intensity, and by doing so, expose additional layers of information that would otherwise be unavailable. This information can save crucial time during any investigation processes.

Lying is a result of a deep logical process that is executed with a particular intention. One might lie to protect himself from harm, while another might lie to gain profit, or even just to make a joke. Due to this variety in motivations and intentions, there is no fixed set of characteristics (physiological or psychological) that differentiate “lies” from “truth”. However, LVA is capable of detecting the associated emotions behind the lie, and by doing so can lead you to identifying and revealing the meaningful lie itself.



LVA 6.50 and the Polygraph,
Friends or Foes?

Is LVA 6.50 a substitute for the polygraph? We say no. The polygraph has been around for over 100 years, and when used properly it is a very effective tool. We have several polygraph experts in our network, and we can say clearly where each of the products can complement the other, all with the aim to get to the truth.


LVA 6.50 completes (not competes)
with the Polygraph,

Use LVA earlier in the investigation when you may have a large number of suspects and little time. LVA 6.50 is used in the pre-test interview (before the polygraph test), and can hint to prepare a better Polygraph questionnaire. LVA 6.50 works over the phone and with recorded material. Use LVA when you don't want the suspect to know. Better with open conversations than with "yes/no" questions.


"What is right will always eventually triumph."         

                  -Ronald Reagan