One of the most difficult things you can go through is the process of investigating your loved one.  We understand how difficult this process can be and will compassionately guide you through this difficult process.


Infidelity in intimate relationships is one of those tragedies that no one ever thinks will happen to them. Although depicted in television and films frequently, it is always a shock when it occurs in your own life. When two people make a commitment to one another, they trust each other to stay faithful and true to that commitment. The greatest damage that can be done to an intimate relationship such as marriage is to turn to another for the comfort and pleasure that should be found in one's partner.

At T.J. Ward & Associates, we provide our clients with the power of information.  The focus of our investigation is never just isolated to evidence of cheating, rather we are committed to uncovering the truth, in it’s most full and provable form. 


Not all suspected infidelity cases end up producing evidence of “cheating” with another person.  Sometimes the red flag indicators that appeared to indicate cheating reveal other secrets or behaviors.  Some examples of these can be drug use, massage parlor visits, secret family or gambling addiction, or in the best case ruining your own surprise party. Regardless of the secret, until its truth is uncovered, the extreme anxiety and hopelessness will continue to erode the relationship and those in it. 



Infidelity Investigations can be a complex process.  It is vital that you hire an experienced and capable investigator. Our team of experts will formulate & customize systematic strategies and employ proven methods to collect relevant and actionable evidence. With that evidence you will have the truth, empowering you to make informed choices in your life. 

Tools and methods often utilized for infidelity investigations include:

·  Surveillance

·  Phone, computer, and other digital forensics

·  GPS Tracking

·  Examination of Financial accounts and transactions

·  Bug detection

·  Background investigations

·  Examination of Online accounts and activity


"What is right will always eventually triumph."         

                  -Ronald Reagan