Fraud Investigation



Fraud. It’s a white-collar crime that costs American businesses many millions of dollars every year. Whether due to the dishonesty of a company insider, the deliberate deceit of a vendor or perpetrated by someone from outside the organization, fraud is serious and should be investigated as soon as it’s detected.


When most people think of fraud, they think it will never happen to them. The most common forms of fraud are theft, embezzlement and forgery. Most companies and individuals don't realize that they are victims of some form of fraud each day. Fraud investigation involves a number of different private investigation services and can take many different forms, such as:

Financial Fraud                               Embezzlement                          Tax evasion

Public corruption                           Health care fraud                      Telemarketing fraud

Identity Theft                                  Internet Fraud                           Corporate Slip and Fall

Transit Fraud                                  Ticket Fraud                                Mechanical Repair Fraud

Expense Claim Fraud                    Theft of Inventory

Most white-collar fraud artists are smart. Many are willing to go to great lengths to avoid detection and prosecution. Only a trained and experienced professional has the savvy and the know-how to conduct a fraud investigation the right way.

Our Fraud Investigations Division is comprised of qualified experts with extensive experience uncovering fraud and investigating these types of cases with tangible results. Our fraud investigators have the ability to solve complex fraud investigations and meet critical objectives.

"What is right will always eventually triumph."         

                  -Ronald Reagan