Missing Persons

Missing persons investigations and locate investigations are conducted to find someone, locate their whereabouts, and uncover the contact information of a subject. While it can be a suspicious disappearance, it can also be as simple as someone who has run away or just an old friend you have lost contact with. There are many reasons you may need help to find a missing person, and there are times when you need professional help that exceeds the capabilities of the police

Law enforcement agencies follow a very specific set of guidelines for dealing with reports of missing persons. An immediate assessment is made as to the risk level of the missing person, with a high risk designation being used most commonly for young children whose lives may be in imminent danger. Unfortunately, the manpower  and resources of most law enforcement agencies are stretched thin. If your loved one has gone missing, you owe it to them and to yourself to use every means necessary to find them.


At T.J. Ward & Associates, we have a global network of resources and investigators to put at your disposal, and we will go to work immediately. We will not stop when the police give up on a ‘cold case.’ Our highly trained professionals have various tactics that the police do not use to find your loved one. They will use their training to ensure that your friend or family member is found.

If someone close to you has gone missing, call us today for a consultation to determine the nature of your needs. Our global network of investigators will provide you with resources unavailable to ordinary people. We will dedicate our resources to your case until it is seen through to the end.




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